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Read over all the information on our website and decide if Rad Doods is the right breeder for you! 


Click below to fill out a puppy application!



You will receive an email within 72 hours of submitting your puppy application. The email will include a link to a calendar. Please select a time to schedule a phone interview. This will give you a chance to ask any questions you may have! 


If we mutually decide a puppy from Rad Doods is a good fit, you will receive a copy of the purchase agreement to sign. 


After the purchase agreement has been signed, you may submit your non refundable deposit to be placed on the master reservation list.


We do not do litter lists, we do a master reservation list. When a litter is born, I will contact the top families on the list (However many puppies are born is how many families will be contacted). You will choose if it is the right litter for you (ie... timing, the size of the puppies, etc...) If the timing is not right, or you would like a different size, you may remain on the master list and you will not loose your spot in line. 


After you have chosen to be on that specific litter, you will receive weekly updates on the puppies! 

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