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I highly recommend all puppy families become members of BAXTER and Bella.They are an incredible online puppy school. You and your dog will learn so much. This program will answer most, if not all of your puppy and training questions. You will learn many ways to shape your puppies behavior and all the family can help with training and setting your puppy up for success! It is truly an invaluable resource.

Training a dog is very time consuming at first, but the rewards of a well trained dog are hard to measure!  Before you know it, you will have a puppy that you greatly enjoy and everyone is impressed with.


I have partnered with BAXTER and Bella to offer you 25% off of their lifetime membership. Use code RAD at checkout to save $59.50


Lifetime membership- Regular price  $238

Discounted price using code "RAD"  $178.50


Below is an overview of this phenomenal program.

B&B Lifetime MEMBERS ONLY Access Overvie
B&B PUPPY PREP Program Overview.jpg
B&B PUPPY PREP Checlist Chart.jpg
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