Meet Our Family


We are the Garretts! We are a small family breeder residing just outside of Anchorage, Alaska. We are nestled at the base of Bear Mountain, in Chugiak, Alaska. 

We raise healthy, happy, well socialized puppies. We have 5 children who help us love on, socialize, train and raise all of our Rad Doods! 

We fell in love with Goldendoodles shortly after moving to Alaska, 10 years ago. 

We had an American Bulldog a few years before moving to Alaska. Once we moved into a home we decided we would like to rescue another American Bulldog from the shelter. We brought home our American Bulldog and my husband could hardly breathe. It had been 3 years since we had had a dog and in that time my husband developed bad allergies to dogs.  We had to find a new home for our boy. It was awful and we felt so bad!

My brother had the sweetest Goldendoodle that we loved and we knew they were suppose to be much better on people with allergies. We got our Luna girl and have never looked back! She didn't trigger my husbands allergies at all and she was such an incredible dog! So loving and loyal to her family, protective but also very playful, and so smart! With the added bonus of little to no shedding!

Growing up, I just knew I wanted to follow in my dads footsteps and be a Veterinarian! I would go to his clinic with him and help the vet techs and play with all the animals all day long. One day, he let me go into the OR with him and watch him perform surgery. He took a very large tumor out of a dog. I almost passed out and had a sad realization that I probably wasn't going to be a vet... I didn't want to do surgery on animals. I just really wanted to raise and love on animals. After we had our first litter of puppies, I realized I had found my calling!

We started breeding Goldendoodles in 2017 and we have loved the experience so much! It is hard, rewarding work! Our absolute favorite part (aside from snuggling adorable puppies) of this journey has been meeting all of the stellar families that have adopted dogs from us and  blessing their lives with  incredible Goldendoodle companions! Many families have come back  for a second Rad Doods fur baby!! 

I can't wait to help you find the perfect four legged companion for your family too!