This little girl of mine... from the time she was born there have been puppies. She loves them dearly and has always been so loving and gentle with them. I love this video of her with a herd of puppies chasing after her!

These are petite Goldendoodles and standard sized Goldendoodle puppies. We are located about 20 minutes from Anchorage Alaska!

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This is Pennys retirement litter! We have had so much fun with Penny and her puppies. She has some of THEEEE cutest little puppy nuggets (as we so fondly call them). Here are pictures of the Alaska litter from when they were 2 weeks old and 6 weeks old

And their 6 week photos!!

These sweet Goldendoodle puppies go to their forever homes this weekend. Most of the puppies will be staying in Alaska, but yellow collar girl- Kiana- will be going to Michigan! We till have two petite Goldendoodle puppies in this litter looking for their forever home.

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These beautiful pups are three weeks old!! Their eyes are wide open now. They're starting to bark and growel and make all kinds of cute puppy noises. We continue to do the 10 step puppy massage and hold them close to our hearts and let them smell our breath to assure them they are loved and safe! <3

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