These beautiful pups are three weeks old!! Their eyes are wide open now. They're starting to bark and growel and make all kinds of cute puppy noises. We continue to do the 10 step puppy massage and hold them close to our hearts and let them smell our breath to assure them they are loved and safe! <3

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Puppies are three weeks old now! They are getting soooo chunky and are so darling. Their eyes are wide open now and they're getting a bit more mobile! They are learning to bark ad growl and play. Here is a video of all of the pups! *Pardon Nova whining*. She came in and was adamant about coming in the puppy pen with me. Toddlers and thir patience LOL!

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Penny's puppies are soooo darling!!! We're in love! They are opening their eyes and their ears are starting to open as well! We are doing some startle recovery exercises as well as doing our 10 step puppy massage daily. So excited to watch these babies grow!!

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