What is a Guardian Home?

   In order to give our breeding dogs the very best life possible, we limit the amount of dogs that we keep at our home. We have two dogs that live with us full time.  

   In order to have the highest quality dogs, we have to re-evaluate and add new dogs with new blood lines often. This is achieved with our Guardian Program.   

   Our Guardian Home Program allows us, and other dog breeders like us, to expand our dog breeding program the right way... by keeping our breeding dogs out of kennels and in Guardian Homes where they live as Cherished Family Members.  We simply can’t keep all of the wonderful dogs that we would like to in our home and we want our breeding dogs to have a normal family life, not be kept in a kennel for breeding only.

  As a Guardian, you're responsible for the care and maintenance of the breeding dog. Feeding, routine vet visits, vaccinations, grooming, and all other costs associated with owning a dog. 

We are responsible for all costs associated with breeding, whelping and health testing.

   For female dogs, we retain breeding rights for a set number of litters. We start breeding dogs when they reach sexual maturity and end once she has whelped a set number of litters, so long as she is healthy and has done well with whelping. Males are used on an as needed basis.

   When the female is in heat, she comes to us (usually around day 7) and stays with us for one week to be bred, then goes back to her guardian family. About 7 days before she is due (dogs are pregnant for 63 days) she will come back to us to get ready for whelping. This way she can be comfortable in her new environment and get familiar with the whelping box and whelping room. When puppies are about 6 weeks old and have been weaned, she will go back to her guardian family.

   Guardian homes get a pick of the litter, breeding quality dog at a highly discounted price. Guardian's must live within 45 minutes of Chugiak. 

   If you are interested in becoming a Guardian home for one of our stellar dogs, please fill out the application below!